Candela Paniagua Olavide

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1986. As a child, she already had artistic qualities and interests. Always motivated by her (musician) parents, she studied Fine Arts in Madrid. She then spent a few months in Morocco, where her parents lived for a few years. After that, she moved to Mojácar (Southern Spain), a small village near the sea, surrounded by nature and home to her family residence. Such factors had a deep influence in the artist who, shortly after, moved to Berlin (Germany) where she now resides.

Candela covers various artistic fields such as drawing, painting, sculpture and design, through which she aims to create expressive images. One of her premises is generating textures and one of her most appreciated materials is silk paper, in which she finds the delicacy and malleability needed to create a base or for a visually strong finish.

Candela Paniagua Olavide



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Current & upcoming exhibitions

2019 48 Stunden Neukölln (Art Festival), Zum böhmischen Dorf, Berlin – Germany (Video Projection)
2019 J.A.C.A V, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid, Spain (group show – Festival)
2018 J.A.C.A IV, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid – Spain (group show – Festival)
2017 Animals, Galería Barquilla, Almería – Spain (group show)
2017 Anima Animalis, Galería Silves Arte Contemporáneo, Huércal-Overa, Almería – Spain (solo show)
2017 48 Stunden Neukölln (Art Festival), Kunstwerkstatt Sommer, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2017 J.A.C.A III, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid – Spain (group show – Festival)
2016 Alma Animal, Espacio B, Madrid – Spain (solo show)
2016 Instintos DistintosGlogauAir, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2015 Spanish National DaySpanish Embassy, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2015 Artsenale, Lokal Yellow, Leipzig – Germany (group show)
2013 Meditabundos, Lokal Woanders, Berlin – Germany (solo show)
2013 Camels, Lashopp, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2010 The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, Círculo de Arte de ToledoUCM (Complutense University), Madrid – Spain (group show)
2009 The Animal Anatomy, UCM, Madrid – Spain (group show)

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