Candela Paniagua Olavide

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1986. As a child, she already had artistic qualities and interests. Always motivated by her (musician) parents, she studied Fine Arts in Madrid. She then spent a few months in Morocco, where her parents lived for a few years. After that, she moved to Mojácar (Southern Spain), a small village near the sea, surrounded by nature and home to her family residence. Such factors had a deep influence in the artist who, shortly after, moved to Berlin (Germany) where she now resides.

Candela covers various artistic fields such as drawing, painting, sculpture and design, through which she aims to create expressive images. One of her premises is generating textures and one of her most appreciated materials is silk paper, in which she finds the delicacy and malleability needed to create a base or for a visually strong finish.

Candela Paniagua Olavide


♦ English ♦

I Took birth, held a brush and started creating.

In the framework of painting, drawing and sculpture, I work by merging materials and techniques, rich in textures, fleeing from the flat and the void.

Starting from darkness, as the beginning of life, helps me find different possible paths to light. This connects me to the world of theatre. 
The creative impulse usually arises from deep emotions, issues that impact me or the need to report unfair situations. During work I feel immersed in a depth that generally embodies an uncomfortable feeling and at the same time unleashes the blossoming of an inner beauty.

The wrinkles of the tissue paper, the drawing of the wire or the charcoal strokes on a painting are elements with which I create the appropriate medium for my reflections on human behaviour and its relationship with other living beings and the planet.


♦ Español ♦

Nací, cogí un pincel, comencé a crear.

En el marco de la pintura, el dibujo y la escultura trabajo fusionando materiales y técnicas, ricas en texturas, huyendo de lo plano y del vacío.
Partir de la oscuridad, como comienzo de la vida, me ayuda a encontrar diferentes caminos posibles a la luz. Esto me conecta con el mundo del teatro.
El impulso creativo me suele surgir de emociones profundas, temas que me impactan o la necesidad de denunciar situaciones injustas. Durante el trabajo me siento sumergida en una profundidad que, generalmente, encarna un sentimiento incómodo y a la vez desata el florecimiento de una belleza interior.
Las arrugas del papel de seda, el dibujo del alambre o los trazos de carboncillo sobre una pintura son elementos con los que creo el medio adecuado para mis reflexiones sobre el comportamiento humano y su relación con los otros seres vivos y el planeta.


Current & upcoming exhibitions

2023 Onlive 2 – Society, Sta Art Gallery, Alphen aan den Rijn – Netherlands (group show and live creation)
2022 & 2023 Perfect Instincts, Kuvik Gallery, Virtual (group show)
2022 Aufgerissen, Gallery in Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin – Germany (solo show)
2022 Performance Trânsito with Nália Agostinho and Taíla Carrilho in Espaço Espelho d’água, Lisbon – Portugal
2022 Dia da Mulher, Pop up show in Artspace-lx, Lisbon – Portugal (group show)
2021 Tránsito, Videoart projection and intervention on the facade of La Tabacalera, Madrid – Spain
2020 & 2021 Cafelines, Hall at Café Take a Brake, Berlin – Germany (solo show)
2019 48 Stunden Neukölln (Art Festival), Zum böhmischen Dorf, Berlin – Germany (Video Projection)
2019 J.A.C.A V, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid, Spain (group show – Festival)
2018 J.A.C.A IV, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid – Spain (group show – Festival)
2017 Animals, Galería Barquilla, Almería – Spain (group show)
2017 Anima Animalis, Galería Silves Arte Contemporáneo, Huércal-Overa, Almería – Spain (solo show)
2017 48 Stunden Neukölln (Art Festival), Kunstwerkstatt Sommer, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2017 J.A.C.A III, E.S.L.A Eko, Madrid – Spain (group show – Festival)
2016 Alma Animal, Espacio B, Madrid – Spain (solo show)
2016 Instintos DistintosGlogauAir, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2015 Spanish National DaySpanish Embassy, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2015 Artsenale, Lokal Yellow, Leipzig – Germany (group show)
2013 Meditabundos, Lokal Woanders, Berlin – Germany (solo show)
2013 Camels, Lashopp, Berlin – Germany (group show)
2010 The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, Círculo de Arte de ToledoUCM (Complutense University), Madrid – Spain (group show)
2009 The Animal Anatomy, UCM, Madrid – Spain (group show)

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