Shadows are also in our mind.

How much do we know from ourselves?

There are a lot  of things hidden inside us…


An exhibition by Candela Pan & Lena Ader for the Art Festival in Berlin:

48 Stunden Neukölln = 48 Hours Neukölln
A whole weekend full of art in the neighborhood “Neukölln”.


CandelaPan-48StdNeukoelln17The exhibition of Candela Pan and Lena Ader deals with the unlighted inner worlds of the human being.
Painting, drawing and sculpture make inner shadows and the mysterious depth of the human mind visible and shed light on the abyssal condition of the body itself.
Unconscious and inner conditions are visualized in this work and provide the viewer with a possibility to look into their own interior.

CandelaPan-48StdNeukoelln-RetratosCarl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst) perceived the unconscious as the mental area in which the creativity is at its maximum power. The figure of shadow personifies all what the person doesn’t recognize about himself.


Candela Pan: “All Facets of Myself”

According to Edmund Burke (Irish philosopher, writer and politician of the 18th century) darkness produces more sublime ideas than light.

The creative process makes me aware of some unconscious ideas and impulses, which for me means, it illuminates our inner shadows”.


Candela Pan: “The Liberation”

CandelaPan-Hormiguero     CandelaPan-ComposiciónHormiguero

Candela Pan: “Ant Nests”

Why ant nests?
I find this dark holes similar to the unconscious mind. The labyrinth of tunnels that the ants build underground and the connections of our neural system are not so different in a symbolic way. The ants constantly carry food to their nests, our brain constantly picks up information from the outside, but not always consciously.

Inside there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know


I could explain this to the visitors, because the artists were always present on this festival.

cp-OksanaPoleshook   CandelaPan.48SN17.Hinterhof

Also outside, where there were other shows and artists as well. The great Pianist Oksana Poleshook came to visit our exhibition.

It was a great experience to collaborate with the german painter Lena Ader, this was our first show together and hopefully not the last.


Lena Ader & Candela Pan

The place was wonderful, the art studio of a german painter: Volker Sommer. He invited us to exhibit in a part of his atelier.


Volker Sommer & Candela Pan

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